Off On A Tangent


You know how you start doing something, thImageen get totally distracted and go off on a tangent. Well, I set off to declutter and tidy my office and, being already exhausted, began by going on the internet to read articles about how to tidy an office. That way I could pretend I was actually working, you know, without actually working.

So in my search for handy hints and tips on decluttering, there were many other checklist type articles to choose from. I didn’t look at any, but I decided instead to imagine what they would say if I clicked on them. Presuming they were written by someone on a deadline.

  1. Valentines day checklist. – Get boyfriend or girlfriend. Check.
  2. Get organised with checklists. – Check.
  3. Helpful moving tips and checklist. – Pick up object. Move it. Check.
  4. What to include in a babysitter’s checklist.- Baby. Check.
  5. How to find the energy to declutter. – Sleep. Check.
  6. Secrets to cut down junk snail mail. – Fit shredder to letter box. Check.
  7. Top ten spring cleaning tips for excellent and quick results. – Hire ten cleaners. Check.
  8. How to get your child to love reading. – Sell TV. Check.

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