Finalist in The BIBAs for 2nd Year in a row!

Important Announcements

BIBA Finalist Logo

Well colour me magenta! I’m even more thrilled about being in the finals of the Be Inspired Business Awards this year than I was last year. Now I’ve been to the award ceremony and seen what goes on, I know what to expect and I’m really quite excited.
Last year was awesome! Marred slightly by my being full of cold, but with a bit of luck this year I’ll be healthy and able to enjoy the evening properly. It was fab’, and even though I didn’t win it was still a wonderful night. Very much like a holiday for me too because of how rarely I get out of Lancaster. Travelling all the way to Blackpool and staying in a hotel overnight was like a week in the Costa Del Sol for me!
So I’m a finalist for “Best Use of Creativity in A Business” and I’m pleased as punch. There are of course seven other businesses also vying for the same title who have their fingers crossed too but hey – either way I’m still going to get a lovely certificate and plenty of complimentary champagne along the way so I feel like I’ve already won to be honest with you. 🙂