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I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve browsed the interwebs just looking for voucher codes, it’s really quite a sensible thing to do. I fill out the order form for, whatever it is I’m ordering, and just as I get to the end section if I see a box that says “enter coupon code” I then open a new window and do a search for any. It’s hardly ever a wasted mission and I usually save a few quid on whatever it is I’m ordering.

So, I guess I’d like to give a little back. I’ve got a bunch of coupon and vouchers here for online services and I thought hey, there might be people out there just like me who are looking to save a few pennies here and there and they might really appreciate the help. With you in mind then, here are some codes:


Vistaprint is an awesome site, at least I think so. You can get a ton of stuff on there, all kinds, with your information printed on it. Who doesn’t love that? You can even have your own images uploaded onto the products, which is personally what I like best about it. One of the things I have noticed about Vistaprint is that it’s constantly shifting and changing and they have so many offers and vouchers in effect at any one time, you can access their site via a dozen different links and will receive different prices on their products each time. You can, in essence, shop around on the same site. To be honest, it sort’ve puts me in mind of “The Cube”, you know that film where the rooms keep changing? Anyway…
As a regular customer, I get sent a LOT of vouchers for different products. So:
25% off mugs –
25% off anything –
25% off anything –
25% off anything –
25% off anything –
33% off anything –

Just as a disclaimer, if “The Cube” has rotated in the meantime and the page is no longer there, or the link no longer works – it’s not my fault. Like I said, Vistaprint is continually shifting and changing on a daily basis. Just keep trying different things.
Also, it’s worth knowing that if you design something and put it into your online cart, and then ignore it for three days, they’ll send you an email offering you 35% off. So if you’re not in a rush, may as well wait for that one. BUSINESS CARDS

I love Moo. They do great business cards and the thing I like best about them, well two things, first is – they print in colour on both sides of the card which is brill but the all time best thing is that you can have a different image on every single card!! They do them in batches of 50, and so you can upload up to 50 images for them! It’s fantastic. Having a wide array of bright, colourful, unique cards in your wallet. Wow…
If you want to get some for yourself, here’s some codes:
10% off (these are all one time use things I think, so it’s a different code for each time. Use them wisely, once they’re gone, they’re gone) –

“Get an extra 10% our 200 pack with this code: TFENM9”

Have you heard of them yet? This one isn’t actually stationery related, it’s delicious nibbles! I’m a big fan, although I’ve had to cut down the number of boxes I was getting because £3.49 a pop begins to really mount up. However, I can offer you a free box, log in, use the code, try a box and if you like it, get more, if you don’t, cancel your account. They don’t force you to subscribe to them or anything, it’s totally up to you whether you stay or go. Plus you can decide how many days a week, or month, you want a box from them.


An excellent stationery site. I’m a bit fan of beautiful pens, naturally, so I’ve been given a 10% off coupon, there doesn’t seem to be any restrictions on it other than don’t use with other offers. So, share and share alike eh?
Code: RPT5762



And Another Thing…!


I’m keeping an eye out for work opportunities once again and once again I’m in awe of the lunacy of people out there. Why do people think it’s perfectly acceptable to be ridiculously demanding in their requirements – such as saying the excellence of work they require, what they want submitting artists to do, how they want them to do it etc. Whilst at the same time saying things like “there’s no upfront payment but if this book does well we’ll all make some money”.

Seriously, people, this is your book, not mine. If you want to see your work in print then work for free, it’s your prerogative, but don’t expect talented creatives to bend over backwards creating illustrations for you – for nothing! I mean come on, in this instance particularly, they’re writing a children’s book. D’you know what’s one of the most important parts of a children’s book? The pictures!! Wise up my friends, if you want a fantastic book and you don’t happen to be friends with or related to an illustrator who’s willing to do you a favour then face facts, you’re going to need to put a little of your own money into this venture. Yes, if your book bombs then you’re going to be out of pocket, but that’s the risk everyone takes when they’re trying to start their own business in this world, you can’t just go around with your hand out saying “pweeese can oo do this, and this, and this, and this, and this… for fweeeee!”

Then there’s the people with their projects and worthy causes, the project type of person is the guy (or girl – let’s not be sexist here) who says “Oh I love graphic novels and I’ve got an idea for one so how about someone illustrates it for me…just for fun.” or “I’m running a fund raiser for one legged orphaned chickens and I want some free illustrations.”

First off, illustrate an entire graphic novel…for fun? I’m not saying it wouldn’t be a little bit fun, drawing is fun, I wouldn’t do it otherwise. But to slog away, hour after hour, day after day – because make no mistake, illustrating an ENTIRE graphic novel isn’t going to take a couple of minutes here – to slog away at it in the sure and certain knowledge that you’re just doing it for schitz and giggles is going to impact on your work. Your first panel will be a Leonardo (and by that I mean the artist) but by the time you’re on the fourth or fifth panel it’ll start looking more like a Michaelangelo (and by that I mean the turtle).

Playing devil’s advocate here I can say all right, I s’pose what else are these guys (or girls) going to do? They’ve got a burning desire to see their script all fleshed out and they’re hoping there’s someone out there willing to work for free – and maybe there is, there’s no harm in asking.

Or is there?

Where does one draw the line between it being ok to get work for free if you’re a down on your luck student with a dream but not ok to get work for free if you’re a down on your luck small business with a dream, or a tight fisted corporation with a scheme. Where do you say hold on a minute, I’m working my tuchis off, for you, for free, for what?

THEN of course they sometimes come out with the whole, oh it’s an excellent addition to your portfolio, or, you’ll get your name out there and fame will rain down upon thee, or, there might be more work available in the future and next time we’ll pay you!

Ah yes, the old “jam tomorrow” argument. This isn’t Alice Through The Looking Glass, this is real life. So let’s sit down and work out what your budget is and what kind of art work you can reasonably get for the amount of investment you’re able to provide. I’m not heartless, I understand sometimes people are working on a shoe string budget and I’m always trying to do my best to help out the little guy, but I’m not a total schmuck who’s going to put my heart and soul into doing a ton of free work for someone, no matter how important their mission is to them.

And sod the one legged orphaned chickens!

What Makes Us So Special?


As a starving artist, I’m frequently to be found wandering the internet highways looking for work. Like the worldly wise tramp in the song “King of The Road”, after a while you get to know your way around and where to look for potential tit bits and scraps. So, I was at one of these proverbial soup kitchens the other morning and I was looking at the variety of freelance work they had available. Not just for illustrators either, but for pretty much every trade and professional you could care to mention. They had adverts for writers, escorts, programmers and adult movie stars, they had the lot. As I surveyed these dozens of job categories I was suddenly struck by a slight difference in the sections, the illustration section was the only one that was peppered with little symbols that signified competitions were available.

Yes, this site has recently introduced a new “exciting” concept, the competition! Not content with seeing people scrum to be the lowest priced creative talent on the market, now they want people to actually work for free. They don’t just say “work for free” though, no that would be too obvious, illustrators are too smart for that, no, instead they say “ooh, who can work for free the fastest?” to quote Tim Minchin “What, are we f***ing two!?”

Even this guy wouldn’t fall for it.

Seriously, illustrators, can’t you see what they’re doing? You’re working, for FREE! Just because they’re calling it a competition doesn’t change the fact you’re working for FREE, on the promise that maybe, just maybe, your work will get chosen by the client, thereby making you the winner and allowing you to get paid for your work (minus a cut for the site of course…)

The reality is, chances are you won’t get picked. In the mad free for all scrum of desperation, chances are someone else is going to get picked, or the client will go away from his computer and completely forget he even set up a competition in the first place. Whatever. End of the day, you’re left with a piece of work no body wants and you’re not one penny richer.

But you know the think that ired me, and prompted this rant in the first place? It’s the fact that the little “competition” symbols are all over the illustration sections, advertising, design, painting, caricature, cartoon, logo – they’re all at it. However the other sections on the site, the writing sections, the computer programming sections, hell, even the adult film star sections. They don’t have competitions, they don’t have “Who can write the most gripping novel? Winner gets paid.” and they don’t have  “Who has the most novel grip? Winner gets paid.”

I reckon she’d win…

Why are we so special, do the rest of the creative community took down on the illustrator section and just laugh? Are we, as a group, so gods damn moronic that we can fall for the painfully obvious “Let’s see who can sell themselves out the fastest!” infant school rubbish?

Yes. Yes it would seem that we are.

What a load of horse poop.