Krakatoa Foam Taste Test

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In 2011 I was hired by a little Scottish sweetshop in Fife called Ally Bally Bees to being new life to some antiquated packaging and this year they hired me again to design the images for the advertising of their newest flavour, cola. This was for a Scottish childhood favourite from several decades ago called Creamola Foam. It was popular between the 1950’s and was discontinued in the 90’s, apparently with a certain amount of customer protest; they certainly missed it and wanted it back. I imagine it was rather like the Scottish equivalent of the American Twinkie shortage.

Retro sweetshops were inundated with requests to figure out the recipe and bring back their favourite fizz. What is this thing though? I hear you cry. Well I wondered the same thing, particularly since I was designing the packaging for it, so I waited until everything was done and dusted and they started rolling out the brand new “Krakatoa Foam” and I got myself some, partly for the benefit of my portfolio of work, but partly because I really wanted to try this unheard of Scottish delicacy.

How it works is, you can buy it in a wee can or in a packet, its form is coloured crystals that resemble sugar. You get a big spoonful, put it in a glass, top up with water and give it a stir. It froths and foams and becomes a sweet tasting coloured drink. I think in its day it was like an early form of Soda Stream. It’s not bad either, although I don’t have the same childhood associations with it which I’m certain will add something to the experience.

Scottish people were quick to start buying the new stuff and eager to find out if it was how they remembered it from their youth. Some people even made videos about it! I’ve had a look at them, reactions tend to be mixed. Young people aren’t sure if they like the foam, older people tend to be quite keen for it (again, probably something to do with childhood memories for them).

Here’s one video that’s two thirds positive towards Creamola foam…