“Dead Bread” or “Hand Sandwich Anyone?”


If you’ve been following the news lately then you’ll more than likely be aware of some horrible goings on that involve a little bit of cannibalism. Not very pleasant. You know what IS pleasant? Bread. It’s the staple food of civilisation, the recipe pre-dates written history and it’s, well it’s just nice, friendly, nothing scary about bread right?

Holy mackerel!!

What the heck is that?! I hear you cry, well, obviously it’s bread. Believe it or not, there is a guy over in Thailand called Kittiwat Unarrom who works in his parent’s bakery for six hours every day making a wide variety of unbelievably grotesque loaves of bread.

mmm, delicious limb pieces…

Kittiwat studied fine art at university and used his knowledge of bread dough that he’d picked up in his parent’s shop, in order to make some scary bread sculptures for his project. They were so good people just loved them, so he kept on doing it. Now he sells them in the bakery, they come shrink wrapped in food containers and the wall display of bread looks like something out of Saw, or Dexter. It’s a macabre trophy shelf of victim pieces, that you can eat!

Whether or not you’d really be able to chow down on something so realistically horrifying is another question, but the fact is Kittiwat is really breaking the bread mold when it comes to food art. Some of his pieces are selling for upwards of £250 and business is booming.

I for one am blown away by the talent of this man, the realism of these loaves beggars belief. The way he’s actually carved and sculpted the dough, painted it, glazed it – it’s a staggering amount of effort.

I can’t help but wonder though, what did he use as reference material?