Scarecrows have their political heads on.

Newspaper Cartoons

Politcal scarecrows

It’s not long now until the big day, May 7th, where (hopefully) millions of people will be sticking up for their rights and voting on who’s next in office.
I’m not one for getting caught up in political rhetoric, vote for whomever you think will be the best, the power lies with you.
Scarecrows on the other hand, never really do well in politics. Every time they get into a debate all they come out with are straw man arguments.


Morecambe Carnival just days away.

One of the three peep boards created for the Morecambe Carnival

One of the three peep boards created for the Morecambe Carnival

Fingers crossed for perfect weather because it’s the Morecambe Carnival this weekend in it’s second year. It was fantastic last year and the organisers are hoping to better it. Knight Time Creations was hired to add a touch of colour to the festivities with some traditional sea side peek boards. The three boards, each measuring four foot by eight foot, took over 16 hours to design and paint. We kept the costs down by just buying five tins of paint, red, yellow, blue, black and white and mixing the colours together as and when needed.
All the black line work was completed using a Letraset marker pen, which I bought from the lovely Studio Arts on North Road in Lancaster. My trusty colleague Jon Bailey and I worked tirelessly to finish the three boards in time for the big weekend.
One board is a typical sea side poster design of a curvy lady and a skinny man, the second board is a Punch and Judy show in full swing and the third is a tribute to Morecambe’s favourite son, Eric, in his well known pose from the statue on the sea front.
I’ll be attending the carnival on both days offering hand drawn temporary tattoos from my stall in the retail area near to the Midland Hotel.

The tattoo stall at the Morecambe Carnival

The tattoo stall at the Morecambe Carnival